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Well-built security technology blocks and contains almost every threat to your data and systems. Unfortunately, not even the best security can't defend against attacks that company employees unknowingly welcome, right through the front door. Hackers’ schemes used to be easier to spot and eliminate. Today, phishing and malware is far more sophisticated. So is the training that CFI offers—we help users identify dangers and hazards and know what to do when they’re under attack. Slide presentations and videos really aren’t enough. CFI offers interactive training that truly educates employees about best practices and effective behaviors in our changing technological world. Hands-on, practical assessments and reinforcements help people apply retain more information over a longer period of time, allowing them to do their jobs more effectively, for the greater benefit of your company for the long term.

  • End User CyberSecurity Awareness Training
  • On Site Security Education and Best Practices
  • On Site Product Training
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